Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Start anew.

A new blog, a new start! I will try to update every night, this shall be my new diary hehe.
So..... life's pretty good. Actually it was pretty torturous the past few days because I was terribly ill, mom said is because I "knock" till dirty stuffs.... hmm. I practically can't eat anything and I will shit out everything I ate. Thank god after a week I finally recovered!! ^^ And many good things came rolling in after I recovered hoho.

Okay so.... shall start from yesterday because it's the first day of my good days. Ok I dont make much sense now lol. Stayed at home yesterday! went doc with mummy in the morning, came home slept and stuff. Set up my new laptop!! Happygal max coz my laptop is pink+white!! Also my beloved rich brothers bought it for me omg I love my family so much! I will study hard next year!
Ok then another happy thing is the friend that ignored me for 4 months finally talked and apologized to me! /wipestears Hahahaha.

Went shopping with cilin today! Bought so many things i spent all my money yay. Bought two bags(love it mxm), two shirts and a long dress! :D She damn qt, keep buying and complaining haha. Enjoyed today alot!!! Truly a shoppingday!

Tomorrow is "dong zhi"! I love eating tangyuan! Spending my dong zhi night with minifamily(LOL), looking forward to it woop woop. Before that gonna find brother who is in hospital :(

Ok this post is so long i am sorry kbbbbbb!

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