Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Hi, just a random picture to make my post more colourful~

Yesterday I did my first presentation in college. Hmmmm, I was pretty nervous at first but I haz nice classmates to make me feel more relaxed and thus, I can do the presentation in a funnier way LOL. Not to self-praise or what, but i think i presented well yesterday! :-) This is like a huge achievement for me lol coz I used to suck in presenting stuff infront of a whole class.

Okay... so yesterday was just part of our group presentation! We continued today and the first part i'm in charge again lolol. Did not bad, but after that when my friend took over the atmosphere of the class was like "dafuq is this" "pin drop can hear" situations........ I was already quite pissed off coz when she was asked to explain she didnt know and I had to help her explain when i didnt prepare that part at all!!!!!! :O :O :O Its like i presented more than half of the presentation and also i edited everything myself ogosh.

Lesson learnt: Choose your group mates correctly.

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