Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hi. Still not used to the new blogger layout.
Its been kinda long since I've blogged. 
I need to slap myself and put myself at the 18th level of hell seriously. 
I'm having bio and math exam on wed and chem on thurs but I didnt do a single shit till like at 430pm just now. Like what da fuck. 
My math is like zzzz now because I didnt touch it for too long. 
My chem is always damn meh meh meh idk what I can do to save it.
My bio is okay but still answering skills sucks sfm. 

Have been thinking alot this weekend. About my life and my choices. 
I think that coming KL to study is a wrong choice. 
Of course there's pros and cons. 
Pros: I can get used to living without my family so I can adapt faster when im in uk. 
Cons: I miss my friends. I have no life here. I miss my family. 

Like I see my friends all having fun while studying... me? Hahaha joke. 
The people who came KL to study from sg also having fun.. camwhoring with new friends.. going out with them etc... me? Hahaha joke. 
E V E R Y weekend, I stay at home, watch TV, use comp and study. E V E R Y weekday I just go home/go gym after school. I feel like my life is going to be so damn wasted. My precious teenage life. 

Everything is too late to change now. I'll just have to get used to having sucha boring life with nobody to watch movies with me, sing k with me and go shopping with me. Just tolerate another 14 months, and I really pray and hope that my new friends in UK will be fun and good. 

I still love all of you!
Kiss from kikwangbbz!!!
till then! :-) 
Special thanks to annessa for staying with me like forever teeheez love ni. 

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