Wednesday, May 2, 2012


One of the things I dislike seeing is...
Seeing my friends sad :(
It really hurts my heart! And it hurts my heart more because I suck at comforting/giving advice.... so the least I can do is give you a hug, be your listening ear and lend you my big meaty shoulder! HAHA.
I don't find it annoying/irritating/mafan or what if you talk to me when you're sad!!!!! :) This is what friends are for~ And I feel more comfortable after you finish ranting etc with me and I think you will feel better too! ;)

This! Remember we are too young to be this sad :) 

I think some of you will be like mentally cursing me because I'm often sad LOL.
I'm currently trying my really best to stay positive and smile no matter what happens! And I still need quite some time.... So yeah I'm currently at level 10 to become a happygurl4lyfe LOL.

BUT YOU CAN MAKE MY DAY BY..... making me laugh and not keeping things to yourself!!!!!! :) I feel happy too if you are happy! :D:D:D

So yeah I'm quite sad today bcoz my friend jokingly said something then I got really emotional and it kinda ruined my mood for the whole day >:( THIS is what i need to change about myself...... argh.

ok thiz post is getting long!
Very awake now haha time to studyyyyyyyyyy.
I love all of you who are reading this! SA RANG HAE!

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