Friday, May 25, 2012

to my special girl

25 May 2012.

Who's this girl?!
She's a very special friend of mine. Unique and super contagious laughter, humorous, cute, pretty, high metabolism rate, LOOOOOVES food that makes me sick easily, hates meat, loves veges, has a very nice voice, trumpeter, lazy bum, loves yunho and db5k alot, loves qt guys/guys who are musically inclined, loves spazzing, dont like horror movies, rarely cry when watching dramas (dafug man), humor point same level as me(LOL), looooves soccerbois, loves platforms, has a very funny sister and mummy also, can bake well, veryvery nice friend, eng and chi pro, grumpy when wants to pee, tiny bladder, sporty, can run fast, likes muaythai, tumblrgurl and likes to take picture of things but not herself le sigh.


I know I'm not so creative in like writing this type of blogposts, please pardon me :< 
But its the thought that counts right! ^^ Happy birthday the girl who is one day younger than me! hehe. I still find our birthdays really cooool like bff + close birthdays. Remember? We said that we are going to celebrate our birthday in club/overseas right? Still on? Kekekeke. (•‿•)

Everything I wanna tell you is whatsapp-ed to you already :)
I wish that you will have a wonderful day ahead and we only live once, so let's live it happily okay? 

I love you so so so so so so so much that I will eat non frozen yogurt with you :>
Muacksmuacks i'll see you in 3 weeks time! 


baw so qt

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