Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday post

Hello! As promised, birthday post on friday! :) 
Okay so...... went for a high-class dinner(lol) with my aunt, uncle choy, rebecca and amanda at garden's sage on 23th may! Didn't take pictures of myself because I underdressed and i look damn cui on that day le sigh :( Its okay, the food is damn good and I'm happy! HAHA. 

Nomnomnom dessert

Some pictures of what i ate heheeez.
Reached home around like 11plus already then when its 12am the first one that wished me is george!!! Shocking man LOL. Haha after that mingsy, kelicia von etc all whatsapped/mention/fb messaged me! Thanks guys :') Then at one plus von tagged me in a video then im like "FUCK THEY MADE A VIDEO OMG /preparestissues" yeap ite i cried like mad omg laughed like mad too when i heard von's laughter HAHA. 

Tbh i was kinda sad on that night because my family no wish me LOLOKLAMEBB.

Soooo on the actual day of my birthday i kinda dress up ABIT la lol. 

When i reached college, only xueli rachel and may wished me! LOL none of my gang members wished me man so i was kinda sad.......... 
turns out that it was a surprise!!!!! HAHA. When we were sitting at ajidon. sofia and dayah pretended to go locker or what and turned up with a hellokitty balloon and 2 slices of secret recipe cake!!!! :'D I was so shocked man!!!! 

Went back to class and the teachers who came in were like "wooooo who's birthday today?" Then i had to like raise my hand then they wished me and sang happy birthday song hehez. Love my class lah wooooooooo

Very very few pictures taken, still no camera. Mianhae :'( 

Qtpie yeehui! 

Sofia and rachel :3

My qtgirls 


my dear balloooooon ●‿●


with polaroidgurl sofia!

Parents called only at night sobs coz THEY FORGOT ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY HOW SAD IS THIS LOL. Ite i forgived them la i too kind. HAHA. 

So in conclusion, I want to thank:
  • Chanel for the stickys, hellokitty plushie, paperclips and card that was sent to my KL house from singapore!!!! SO TOUCHED :') THANKYOUOUOUOUOUO
  • Von, kelicia, george, kahseng, yiqian for the video!!!! :) And the gift that is going to arrive hehe 
  • Didier, Adam, Raj, Sofia, Nabz and dayah for the surprise, balloon and cakes! :D And also they wore blue together so qt :3 
  • Uncle choy for the lotion and soap from crabtree & evelyn!
  • Aunt for the meal + gym package! 
  • Sis for the watch! (soon to receive)
  • Dad for the perfume! (S T R)
  • Mom for the moneyfull angbao HAHAHAHA (STR)
  • Ping for the captain america iphone casing! (STR)
  • Nernz for lending me his olympus dslr-ish camera till next year when I'm leaving!!!! :') 
  • Serene for the unknown gift HAHA 
  • Beina for the blogpost!
  • And everybody who made an effort to wish me in twitter/facebook/text/whatsapp ANYTHING! I love all of you sooooooooo much! :) /bighugsforeveryone  (▰˘◡˘▰)
Super long and messy post i'm sorry everyone I'm not a blogger person :( If i missed out your name I'm really sorryyyyyy i have severe STM. If i suddenly remember anything I'll edit the post again!

till next time, byeeeeeee i love all of you xx

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