Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hey guys!!! :D Holiday is great!!!!!!!
Family day during the weekend! Went to dye and rebond my roots on saturday~ I is have ash brown hair now yay. Haha then went to majestic hotel for fathers day dinner food is damn good onnomnomnomnom. 
Went town on sunday with fam :) Bought like abit of stuff but I'm happy becoz my bros rocks :'D

So... met up with cilin and mingz on monday! :D 
Miss ming so freaking much haha. Went marche to eat! Tbh it was my first time really sitting down to eat LOL and the food was great! After that went 313 and ion to shop. Bought bobbibrown foundation and 2 tops and some accessories wheeeeeeee

Some pics taken with cilin's freaking nice cam!!!!! love her cam man omg (Y)

Went to meet george around 7plus after that! He wanted to eat iron chef at first but it was too hot so we decided to walk like anywhere because it was windy! Passed by a pub and george say "eh lets go in but dk will check IC not" ite we 2 maturefaces got in and drank martinis LOL. Sat there and chitchat for like quite long and we headed back to do what i planned!!! HEHEHEHHE. 
When i saw von putting up this picture in her blog I wanted to be the someone haha so me and george went to her house and she's like :OOOOOOOO 

So we went to have supper!!!!! We sat there from 10plus to like 2plus LOL talking non-stop!!!!!! Time flies soooo fast when I'm having so much fun :') Since it was so late already I decided to stay over at von's! We didnt sleep at all and talked all the way to like 8am+? Haha took a short nap and soon we headed out! She went to meet her friends while I went to find bn! 

Went iron chef with bn and the food is gooooooood! Love gossiping with her as usual HAHA. Went to her house and cuddled in her bed and watch "the ward"!!!! Sorry bn I fell asleep quite alot of times becoz I only slept like an hour :/ SORRRYZ HAHA. and her bed damn comfy i cannot LOL. 
Went fb stalk stalk people then home-d at 5plus! Lovely day spent :) Love her xoxo

So the first 2 days of holidays spent with my friends is DAEBAKKK haha love my qtpies hehe 
May this holiday be legendary. LOL BYE

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