Sunday, August 19, 2012


Sup homies. Haha. Ok these are seriously just random pictures I took from my phone :)

Sorry for the emo posts lately!! Have been feeling very lost the past few days, thinking about all the wrong choices I've made, my future plans etc and most importantly my exams stress. Le sigh. So many things to worry about ATM I wanna burn my hair >:(

The biggest regret of all is to study college. Been struggling so badly at some point I really feel like giving up. I'm not a study person so why am I taking a levels...!!?!?! Wrong choice #1.

I've always thought I'll be going to UK to study that's why I'm taking a levels.. But being the lazy me, I didn't do enough research before making this choice. Only NOW then I realized UK is not a very ideal choice for me..... So yeap. And the place I'm planning to study only require o levels. Ya so good job la sy I wasted 1.5 years of time and money and youth and... Argh. Wrong choice #2.

I can't turn back time. Which means the only thing that I can do now is to continue being a lonely emo strugglingwithstudies kid until June 2013 y a y.

I hope that my days will get better as time goes by :( please :(

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