Friday, December 21, 2012

super showcase

hey guys!!!!!!! :) sorry for not updating, lazy and no pictures :(
Will update as soon as i upload the pics taken from my cam to my comp!

Went to the sjm showcase on dec 11!!!!! Bad experience LOL so damn squeezy was dying in there man. But overall its good i had fun!!!! Met a lot of qtpies exo stans who are like damn young but soooooo mature :O Met like > 5 girls who are 14/15 years old and so mature and funny!!!!!! :D yay to new friendz!! Took a number of btob fancams using my iphone and its considered good already he he. Took one fancam of chen! and 0 of sjm y a y LOL. didnt get really high when sjm come out idk why.............

Shall blog again soooooooon on this eventful week!
till then x

P/s: happy doomsday and happy dongzhi i (L) tangyuan 4 eva

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