Thursday, June 6, 2013


guys..... the day is finally here.

MY FINALS ARE OVER!!!!!!! IM OFFICIALLY DONE WITH COLLEGE AND ALEVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This 18 months have been torturous... fun... stressed... so glad that its finally over :D
Have been waiting for this day like dk since when but now i dont really feel that excited/happy? Maybe its bc I kinda had a week break before today's paper, so I'm in a finals-is-over mood last week haha. 

Now that I'm so free..... I can't think of what to do when I go back to singapore/jb. All my friends will be studying and I'm left alone :( 

My results will be out only in august.. so I can only chill till then. Bc after my results are out, IF I meet the conditions for my uni (which I really reallllyyyyyy hope I can), I'll have to start booking air tix...apply visa... pack stuffs.. apply accommodation etc. If I dont meet the conditions...... I have no backup plan. Yet. :(

Setting aside the negative thoughts, I'm a happy girl now :3 Family coming up to fetch me back this weekend, and I really cant wait to meet my friends!!!!!!!!! Miss them so much you have no idea. Gonna miss my kl peeps and maybe a tiny bit of college times tho...... :( 

I'm so into american series nowadays fyi 

Till then x

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