Sunday, November 3, 2013


Ming has been scolding me for not updating my blog so here goes LOL

Its been.....37 days since I've been in lboro wow time flies :o
So I think I'm adapting well? I'm kinda okay hanging out with british and I'm so so so glad I have kim and vincent as my flat mates omg haha. 

My days spent here are pretty much the same..... everyday I go for lectures.. tutorials... gym... fitness classes.. and the rest of the time I'm in my room sighpie. btw the heater in my room is not working omg I'm freezing okay back to topic

Also, I've started to talk more to my flat mates? Which is a good thing haha like finally after a month L O L. 
They are a nice and funny bunch of people :') 

Ermmmmmms ohya right so last sunday and wednesday were my first time dressing up for halloween!!!!! Another first for me yay! On sunday I dressed up as a cat (yux) no choice since it was a last min decision of going out.. went to mayhem with my flat mates and it wasnt that fun after all :( 

On wednesday, went to town with kim to buy our stuffs for halloween and I wanted to dress up as black red riding hood!! Ite after I did my makeup and all I looked more like a vampire LOL. And ming wanted me to be a vamp so HAHA
Had predrinks with flatmates while helping kim to put on her red contacts SIGH IT WAS SOOO HARD I TRIED MAN I TRIED 
Ite we left first but I met up with kim and the gang inside fusion!!! Went back around 4am, slept at around 5 and woke up at 9 for tutorial :'( Was sooooooo glad the most boring 2h banking lecture got cancelled on thurs hehehehehe. 


with le thai girls for fnd :D

scary kim is scary


Sorry for this messy post :( I suck at writing blog posts ohman 
I hope all my friends are doing well!!!!!
Miss you guys so much :( 

will TRY to update more!!!!!!! HAHA I HOPE
if anything interesting ever happens in my life..................

okay bb its super cold rn i have tons of coursework to do BYE

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