Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello! Awesome day yesterday!!! :D I shall blog in detail~
Met up with kelicia, von and yq at fareast before meeting up with the boys! Headed to novena for steamboat, but sadly the restaurant not there anymore. So we had Korean BBQ instead! ^^ Samgyupsal~ The food was so-so but the chicken is superb hehe. Had so much fun eating with them because we kept cracking jokes and laughing at sijie haha. Sijie is so cuteeeeee! Enjoyed every minute with them :)
Finished eating at 9 plus, clueless of where to go after that. Ite decided to go esplanade. Right choice because the scenery is beautiful and the wind is so shiock!

At first we were thinking of buying beer to drink and chitchat but we got lazy....
So we just sat by the river(?) and talk, take pictures!! It was really fun! We talked about booking a room in MBS in january... but sadly I can't join :( Really very sad okay..

Ok so went home at eleven plus!!!!! Really enjoyed my day with them and I hope I can spend more time with them before I leave :<

Some pictures taken yesterday!


Qtpies! ♥.♥

Let's meetup more often, shall we? :)

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