Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry merry Christmas!

Hello! :) First of all,

Merry christmas!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ HOHOHO!

Hello! Today is christmas, but idk why I'm staying at home haha. I kinda enjoy it though, going tumblr, wishing people in twitter... pretty good right? 8D hehe. Tonight going dinner with fam, celebrating sister's birthday! Well at least I'm spending xmas with my family! :D

So yesterday was christmas eve... attended a wedding dinner! At first I got all grumpy and stuff because I can't spend it with my beloved friends but thank god it was so fun! :) IT WAS MY FIRST TIME MINGLING WITH SO MANY KIDS HEHEHEHE. /proudofmyself
Donghae said he likes girls who love children right... so.... kekekeke. LOL.

So woke up very early to see the wedding procedure! (sorry idk how to describe the tea drinking ceremony etc) Had so much fun and laughters because I keep cracking lame jokes and my cousins are all so fun!!!!!! Funny max please LOL.

Then at night we went to the wedding dinner of my cousin!!!! ^^ It was really sweet, seeing the VCR etc, omg I wanna get married now LOLJK. Hope they can last really long and have many kids ~.~
Also, it was my first time walking around and taking pictures with my cuzzies! I rarely socialize with people yknow... haha. And I'm super happy that all the kids love me!!!!!!!! Omg they keep following me around! I am popularamongchildrengal95 LOL. So i camwhored, laughed and drink alot! My uncle bluff me and made me drink martel :@ Gosh my face straight away super red :( Hate the feeling sfm and the pictures i took suck much because my face too red sigh.

I really love my cousins but too bad we don't meetup often and I'm going KL real soon :(
Okay hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog!
Sorry qtpies I had to celebrate my sister's birthday today so I can't go out! I really really need to spend 1st jan 2011 with you people! ♥ Must okiez!

Lastly some pictures took yesterday!

Some qt cuzzies!
LMAO @ my face here

Handsome and qt peopleeeeeeeee!

My future 表嫂! Like her alot hoho.


Some pics taken using my phone~

Ending this post with my qtpiez Love you guys many many!!! ^^

(My current homescreeeeeeeen hohoz. )

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