Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good love.

Hello!!! ^^ Short update about today before I get lazy, hehehe. Sorry no pics for today :(

Woke up at 6am to prepare and stuff because I need to accompany this gal cilin to her alpha auditions!! Met her at queenstown stn at 8am sharp, bought food etc and headed to the auditorium thingy~ Chatted awhile and she needed to go in!! Met a new chiobu, name's michelle. She has a super unique and sweet voice + cute face + ultra nice hair + nice figure!!! WIN ALREADY LOL. And this girl, cilin got interviewed by dk what fm and lian he wan bao!!!! So cool sia. Then omg saw tricia there too! Since we both are not auditioning we went inside the hall to just check out if there's any handsum guys, turned out.... got quite a few :3
Very sooon, around 1130, cilin and michelle finished their auditions!! Ohya, saw seety there too hoho.

Headed to woodlands to meet jeslyn! Pei her eat lunch then went to k! Had a great h2h session with her ~.~ Love her sfm man!!! K session was quite tiring because I really lack of sleep but for the last hour we like dk what hyper kids keep screaming, rapping, dancing and whipping our hair!!!! It was super fun omg really first time so high in ktv!!!! ^^ It was raining and we both 雨中漫步, quite sweet. LOL.

Homed after that, and i slept till now. Too tired alreadyyyyyyy.

I really cannot wait till vn comes back, miss her so much!!!!!!! :'(

What happened? I don't really know. All of a sudden, everything's changed. We're not talking again, you are probably scared of me again. Things are going back to before. No, I don't want that. Really I don't. I want to be friends forever. Not literally forever but... you are a nice friend and a very important one to me kbb.

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