Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm very tired. Having so many mixed feelings. 很捨不得離開,但是如果不走,有很多人會不快樂。I really think I'm a nuisance to people. Always over sensitive, annoying people, talking to people whom might be secretly disliking me but I'm unaware. I really want 2011 to end. This is a really bad year for me. Nothing is going right now.

And I hate it that I'm living so far away from my friends. I'm always missing out all the fun. :(

I really really love all my friends. 12 close friends, I really want to keep in touch with you guys. I hope we can still chat occasionally in whatsapp, fbchat, twitter etc about our lives and stuff. Love all of you xoxo.

Time to reflect on my own actions.

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