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Happy 2012 guys!!!!!!!!!! ^^
I did not post this earlier because I was busy :( So I'm making this summary+ dedication post on 1st jan 2012! It's alright if you don't read the summary part but please read the dedication okay? :D

2011.... a year full of ups and downs. Many many many things happened in 2011. More of unpleasant things I can say.

Firstly, Olevels. I'm glad that I finished my o's but if im given a second chance I would like to take it again. I did not study hard enough and I'm pretty much screwed for o's. :( I only started studying hard like before prelims? Then I scored super bad in my prelim and I kept crying and say I want to work. Sigh but to no avail I didn't give in my best shot even for o's. But, no use crying over split milk, what is done is done. I just had to learn my lesson and study harder in college!

Secondly, in around march to june I lost alot of friends. Good friends to be exact. I was isolated in my class and only one quarter of the girls in my class(andrea, wanyun, chanel etc) are willing to talk to me. At that period I only had a bunch of guy friends that stayed by my side and making me laugh :) Ah, wonderful memories! Glad that after our class outing to marina barrage in june everything was over and I'm friends with them again. So... the most miserable days in 2011 ended.

Thirdly, there is another thing that made me emo like hell but I'm not gonna post it up here, yet. When the time is ripe I will.

(THIS IS NOT IN ORDER OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hi stupidnut! I just know you like this year, late this year too :( Sadly.... tbh, I didn't have a good impression of you and your dance clique last year haha. I hope you dont hate me for saying this!! But after knowing you, I think that you are a very nice friend!!! Always hearing me rant and stuff. I'm really thankful!! I hope you can share more things with me and don't keep everything to yourself, harms your body la! D: O's next year, please work very very very hard okay! I have faith in you♥ Also, I hope we can still keep in touch!!!!!!! I love you alot really hehe ^^♥

Hi crazyvn! I only got close to you like, around aug/sep?!?!!? Or even later!?!? WHY AH LMAO. We were even in the same goddamn cca!!!!!!! /smackshead I still remember in choir when I try to talk to you you always give me cold reply or just give me O_O face... :( Make me scared sia you. HAHA. I can't remember how we got close eh!!! I think is because you followed me in twitter then we started talking! SO THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME IN TWITTER♥ You're one of my friends which I will confide to you in every single thing and you will listen attentively and give tons of advices :) And you always reply me fastfast in twitter/whatsapp/line/sms! Seriously lub you sia. Sadly we can't go cube concert/ b2st airline together :( But still I enjoy being around with you because you open up very easily and you like to share your stuffs with me, making me feel important to you :D Omg this is getting long so... you know how much i love you la k. Good luck for o's bby♥

Lei hou poozai!!!! ^^ My awesome partner in sec3 ~.~ Tbh I really enjoy sec3 life out of my four years in rs the most!!! Partly because of you la haha. Still remember us getting scolded by mdmtong everyday LOL. Like only the both of us doing the wrong page of em tys, playing cut the rope in class then kena caught, dancing lucifer in class and got caught AGAIN. HAHAHA really wonderful memories!!!! You're a really funny friend man! And yay to us we both love hk dramas so we can like chat about it! We seem to have lots of topics to say huh haha. This year I dropped to MT and we're sitting next to each other again!!! Super fun man hahah with jianye also! :D You are also one guy that I can really trust! Thankyou for helping me keep all the secrets ah hehe. All the best to you my hou pang yau♥

Hiiii peanut!♥ I'm really glad we are still friends!!! Friends since p3 man omg ♥.♥ We seem to have endless things to talk about, horror movies, guys, life and more! Eventhough this year we kinda drifted but thank god we got closer again!!!!!! :D And yes I will come back from KL one day to visit your house and do lots of things with you :) Still remember those chinese lessons in sec3 where you will get all pervie and spam moans to me? LOLOL. All the best okay i love you♥

Hey tohyiqianz!!! ♥ I still remember the first day we met!!! Its the day when you just joined choir and we were sitting next to each other!! Then we started to talk about dramas etc and slowly we became bitch? LOL Y WE SO LAME HAHA. Anyway it was really nice to know you!!! You always laugh at my jokes and make me so happy! Also, love the times we spent in choir manz hehe. Through all those ups and downs we managed to be friends again! All the best okay love♥

HII EX-PARTNER! :D Need to thank you for staying by my side no matter what happens :) When I screwed up my ss o's, when I had no friends and all. Really thankful to have you as my friend, artistsharonzx. I hope one day you can like open up a shop and sell all your handmade things I will buy like all of them LOLJK. Keep in touch luv ya♥

Hi qtpie sj!!!! Erm, not really close to you but.. yeah sorry for making fun of you like everyday LOL. I hope you wont everyday emo and be more outspoken irl!!!! Have more guts okay sj? :) Wish you all the best to getting your dream girl!!!! Teamsj ftw! ♥

YO SENGZAI!!!!!! Friends for two years huhu. Had fun in sec3 manz, you me von george! back row was awesomeeeeeeeee!!!! Remember pranking karthik about the earthquake thing?!!? HAHAHAH SO FUNNY!!!! Love to gossip with you sia, you always have the latest gossip and by sitting next to you in amath class you will naturally pour out everything hehe. Thanks for texting me encouraging texts in class when I was down yeah, I really appreciate it :') Love you hoho all the best! ♥

EH YO DRUNK GAL! LOL thinking of your drunk face yesterday makes me wanna laugh HAHAHAHA. You are a very funny girl, (but I still more funny) and i enjoy cracking jokes with you!!!!!! also spazzing with you!!! Miss the times when we will go school very early then you me and chanel will talk about guys etc in the canteen!!!!!!! Good times baby ♥ ! I hope we can still keep in touch, spazz about eyecandies and talk about life, fashion etc this year!!!!!!! Let's keep in touch okay? Hehe love ya sfm ♥

Hello jpmf!!! :D I also got close to you late 2011, regret of my life haha. You're a really nice friend!!!!! Love having h2h sessions with you in twitter/fb/msn etc, can always talk about endless stuff with you!!!!!! You are one pretty girl, so talented somemore!! So stop thinking that you not good etc okay :( O's next year, must jyjy ok!!! Have faith in you ♥ Must keep in touch hor dancingbaby i love you!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

LOL out of all these pictures only the one with you coolest (Y) HEHE. I just read your blog and I cried alot. ;~; I cannot describe how much I treasure you, how much I love you. (sound pretty les lol) I really miss the times where our fashion sense sucks, our faces sucks, our talking sucks. LOL. There are many many many ups and downs in our friendship but i guess that is what that makes it so strong now right? :) See, our birthdays, may 24 and 25! Destined to be friends forever la hehe ♥ Let's hope that, no not hope. We must keep in touch ok!!!! Even if we are going separate ways alr I hope that one day you will be my bridesmaid and I will be yours! Its possible if we both put in a little effort :') You really matter alot to me, i love you euvkonnonwe ♥

Hellooooo amazingadam! So so many things happened to us this year but glad that all is over :) Sadly we were not that close in sec 1/2!! We only got closer after you went to london right! Haha and i threw the chocolate you gave me in sec2 because its orange flavored LOL. Thank you for listening to my rants, my bullshits throughout the year and the endless complaining about the world LOL. I think you became more humorous after hanging out with me sia..... /smirks Please dont forget me when you go UK okay and introduce me some hot blonde guys LOL. All the best MUST keep in touch bb ♥

Hello kyuming!!!!!!! ♥ My best friend for years, since p6! What I mean by best friend, is really best friend those kind. Talking on the phone for like 4 hours, getting scolded because of our phone bills, shopping together, reality qns and sharing our sad and happy things together. :') I really really treasure you as a friend and I hope that we can still remain as bfffffffff after we go our separate ways. America and korea remember? :) I like how pretty you are, how rich you are ($.$ LOLJK) and how funny you are!!! I shall ignore the fact that you are super violent because I embrace your flaws LOLOL. I hope you can stop thinking so lowly of yourself and be happy for who you are :) Many guys like girls who are petite lah so no worries ok!!! ♥ I guess I do need to say much alr right since you know me so well. Hehehehehe goodbye luv ♥ (lightman)

Heyho chanelzxzxzx!!!!!!!!!!!! I only grew closer to you like around feb/march?! My first impression of you is that you are very quiet and shy, so I didnt talk much with you. Haha but no I was wrong you are very noisy!!! LOLJK. After saying this like 129182 times in all the letters i gave you, THANKYOU FOR STAYING BY MY SIDE WHEN NOBODY IS. ♥ I like how you won't get angry no matter how much I say you, about your sweaty palms etc hehe. I enjoy teasing each other, sharing secrets, having h2h talks and reading your schedule book! ^^ I will come and find you when I have an angmoh boyf and you must do the same too ok!!! See who find de more handsome. LOLOL. Mixed blood babies ftw!!!! Stay happy and forget oneday soon yeah♥ Loveya!


Finally I'm done. Thank you for reading this post!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!! Have a wonderful 2012♥

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