Monday, January 2, 2012


Helloooooo! :) Shall post what happened on friday 30/12/2011 and the last day of 2011!!!! Super alot of pictures ahead you r warned.

Went yishun with sharon, yj, amos and zhirong!! Wanted to bowl initially but it was flooded so we went to yishun pond there chitchat eat bread. It was a well-spent day :) Will miss the 2/6 gang alot Dx

Went marina square with family in the afternoon!!! Bought lots of stuff for cny hoho. Then parents left around 6 plus for their dinner while I stayed to shop for gifts!! Shopping alone quite shiock but not on the last day of 2011 man marina filled with couples, gang of friends and family LOL. But its okay, because i was meeting a whole bunch of awesome people around 9! :D

Went ss for grocery shopping!!!!!!! Had lots of fun i swear. It was my wish to go supermarket buy things with my friends and yay its finally fulfilled ^^ Bought like damn lots of food fishball etc and drinks!!!!!! Then headed to beina's house and reached her house at like 1130pm, thank god we were in time for the countdown!

And so, when it was 1 jan 2012 all of us cheered, hug each other and jump around :') A very warming scene indeed!! Ok then ate alot, sang alot, gamble and lost all my money LOL, and drank abit of alcohol, camwhored alot and laugh alot!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA. Bn's parents are damn nice to pei us till like 5am T______T We made a lot of mess too.... very sorry to her parents and beina /bows

Left her house at like 6am then me and yq headed to von's house to watch some reality show ~.~ After that fam came and fetch me back then sleeeeeeeeeepp.

In conclusion, I really really enjoyed this day A LOT.
Thanks for the memories: Jianye, Peikai, Junjie, Beina, Von, Yq, Kelicia, George, Kahseng, Jon, Jianhui, Sj, Kelvin and lua family~

Ok pictures! Sorry my face really damn cui but take picture at 4am 5am like that if not cui abit weird ah. LOL.

With qtyqianz!!!! ^^

Revealing boy jh LOL.


-okay this set of pictures is very cool you may get nosebleed-

-end of cool pictures-

Took so many pictures with this girl!


With lazy eye bn!!!

Ending this post with a picture taken at 6am!

Thank you for your kind attention!!!!!!!!! ^^

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