Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hey guys!!! It's been ages since I've done a proper update..... sorry!!!! I bet nobody is reading it anyway LOL.

The reason why I've not been blogging is because I'm so busy with school!!!!!!!!!! Tons of tests, chapters to study, and lack of sleep!!! :( Idk why recently I don't feel sleepy in school even if i only sleep 3-4 hours but after one whole day the whole tiredness will kick in and gosh i will feel so terrible. :( I will try not to screw my body clock up anymore, time to switch it back!!!!!

Anyway, good news!! I've joined a gym!!! /clapsclaps haha. Really wanna lose weight, i hope my money dont go down the drain!!!! Going 5 times a week hiakhiak. Had my first session on thursday and i'm happy to say that its productive and goood!!! Went with sofia today and i was really tired that i nearly dozed off when running L O L . So yeah didnt do much today and gosh my leg is so damn painful.

And ya sorry my blog forever so boring coz no pics LOL. I dont go out these days so yeah no pictures taken!!! Some pics taken with friends is in my phone so yeah will probably post it in instagram or path!!! Follow me okay :)

Lastly, I'm glad to say that I've gotten closer to my classmates!!!!!! ^^ Yay hehe. I hope all of us can get really bonded eventhough there's only 4 guys haha.

Ok its 333am now i really need my sleep. Hardcore mugging day tomorrow and also sunday!!!!! Argh fighting sy :(

P/S: sorry again if i've not been talking with my bbgirls!!!!!! I'm super busy!!! I will try and find time to chat with you guys ok love ya all!!!!!!!!! Less than three

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