Saturday, February 25, 2012


HOWDY EARTHLINGS!!!! LOL I look so cute right! :) Okay sorry i so lame lolz.

Lazy saturday as usual haha.
I have currently so many things that i wanna buy!!!!!! :(
But no money + dk where to buy sian.
And i've been looking at fashion tumblrs for ideas and trends!!!!! Going to school in home clothes is sucha hassle really argh hate choosing clothes to wear >:(

-cameraaaaaaaaa pleaseplease iphone front cam sux man
-cardigans and knit tops hiakhiak
-platform heels/wedges
-necklaces, bracelets, earrings

so many right gosh :( I have so little clothes mianz esp bottoms!!!!
Was browsing forever21's page yesterday and omg some of their dresses/tops/bottoms damn chio but i think sg and msia not selling :( BUMMER.

Going shopping next saturday he he he i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
ok time to mug bbyeomz!

ending this lame random stupig post with a stupig pic.


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