Monday, February 13, 2012

pre vday

Hey guys!!!!! :)
Its valentine's day tomorrow!!!!!!!! LOL.
As usual, single for the like 16th time haha. Its okayyy, still young!

Damn busy nowadays...... rushing work, watching modern fam(DAMN NICE I SWEARRRRRRRRR) and managing foodclub stuffs. Will be selling cupcakes cookies etc tomorrow and also freehugs (lmao at this who is gna hug me lol). My school quite cool ah haha make this day like damn big!!!!!!!! :O haha! They even have some service that you can send to the person's class omfg so sweet right! :')

Will be doing up a decent post tomorrow i hope!!!!! Meanwhile i need to dry my hair and watch modern fam haha k toodles!!!!!!

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