Thursday, February 16, 2012

Safe and sound.

Hey wazzup guys!!! Blogging from my phone now haha.

You know, I have alot of thoughts running in my mind every minute, everyday. I just hope there's someone here for me. But it's obvious nobody is with me because everybody is too busy and occupied by their own stuff and friends. I'm trying really hard to ignore all these but I can't. Maybe it's the distance Between me and you guys. I just feel like I'm being forgotten like everytime. I think that if one day I just delete my fb and my twitter nobody will notice at all. People will just slowly forget my existence and there you go no more frenz. Haha.

You know, I'm always telling my friends "hey I love you work hard okay? I'll be here when you need me. " I'm serious. I constantly tell them these because I know how it feels like to be assured, to know that there's someone that actually cares. Tbh, I like it when my friends tell me this. I mean it's normal right??? It makes us feel loved and remembered! You can just write a sentence assuring your loved ones that you love them that's all, no long convers are actually needed!
There's this bbgirl of mine, who constantly whatsapp me telling me sorry she has no time to chat with me but she still loves me etc. :) I'm very touched by her small actions really. It tells me that eventhough I'm so far away from her she didn't forget me. Thankyou bbgirl <3

I'm writing this post not bcoz I want you guys to tell me you love me lol. It's just something that's bugging me for quite awhile.

From today onwards, I won't remind people that "hey I'm here do you miss me"???? I believe that if you really miss me you will make a tiny effort to talk to me.

And some of you may be saying why can't I take the initiative to do this? I do all along!!! It's just everybody has their own good friends who you see everyday so if I keep bugging you guys I think it's very annoying....

I'm not saying I'm gonna break ties with you just bcoz you don't talk to me :) I'm just saying that
If you care, you will care.

Tired of being the only party trying so hard to maintain the friendship.

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