Friday, February 3, 2012


I feel so dumb right now.

Firstly, Idk whats up with me but suddenly I revealed...... who I like to 5 of my classmates. At first I find it still okay since you know, they dont know who is he but...... ok now I find it damn dumb what if they judge me or expose my secret or..... omg I'm literally breaking cold sweat rn.
(tbh i'm really freaked out now omg)

Okay secondly, I think I cracked way too much jokes in school :( Like really. I can't stop laughing at people omg slap me i feel so sinful right now. I called didier lantern today (LOL), laughed at ahdam for like 1938190381093819038 times....... ogosh no wonder they dislike me... k must be quiet_yet_funny_gurl95 in school!! And be nice to everyone :) I hope I can achieve this...

ok lastly i really really suck in bio and math i need to like dip my face in books now lol.
h8 myself arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

i'm not being some emo kid right now but I really feel so... lost and blank because I just did so many dumb things today!!!! o god. /facepalm

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