Wednesday, February 1, 2012

m e m o r i e s

Hello!!! :) Today is the 1st of febuary!! Time flies really really fast.... I've been in KL for a month now! Life is quite okay I guess.... feeling blessed haha :)
Just that I miss my family and friends alottttttt!!!! D:

And...... tbh I really miss sec2 and 3 days, like no joke!!!! omg. In sec 2, eventhough I had some friendship problems(damn lame one rly omg y i so childish) but all the good times are just daebak!!!!!! Recess with mel, me, bn and von, then after that me and von would head to the library to talk to our classmates esp zam LOL everytime, EVERYTIME will laugh until stomachache one!!!! Then like during hols me and von will head to town, bugis, haji lane etc to eat good food and camwhore in the toilet lmao!!!!!! Or head to town with bn to catch some movies ~.~

In sec3, at first I hate the class bcoz jhan bn etc in 3/7... but when george became my partner and von and ks were in the same row as us.... life is like perfect. LOL. EVERYDAY damn fun i swear!!!!!!!! Gossiping, joking, copying homework.... and playing bball sometimes after school LMAO fun fun memories!!!!! Or just going to cwp for lunch and stuff with my ex-clique...... :') Getting teary as im typing this lolz.
And going to 3/7 everytime after school and loitering there lmao so fun i wanna turn back time now!!!!!! /finds haha

super awesome sec3 camp.... showering with all the gals in our class LOL, me and von laughing like mad at george at the above pic, playing flying fox and mrlim and ks refusing to let me down LMAO and many many more!!!!!! gagagaga.

2/6 class outing!!!!!!! LOL @ my face and kokann's haha!!!! People in 2/6 should know the purpose of this picture... /cheekysmile

The sec2/6 trio LOL. Waaaaa my class really cmi von's one also (LOL DONT SCOLD ME VULGAR PRZ) only bn look the same sia!!!!!!! T_______T

super fun last day of school in sec3 :) Will never ever forget this day please! Imissthemsfmkthxbai.

The back row in 3/8 wooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I still remember Mrlim was like "taking funeral photo ah?" LOL.

Just a random post haha.
I'm still waiting for my brother to send me a dvd of all the movies and modern family over ~.~ wheeeeeeee.

school tomorrow!!!! Quite looking forward to it :-)
BYEBYE!!!!!!!! ^^^

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