Sunday, March 4, 2012

4/8 night.

Yo wazzup guys!!!!!!! :)
How's life?

Its the weekends again...... as usual I stayed at home lolz sad lyfe right hahaha. Didnt even do any homework, since thursday... gosh I'm so bad :( Promise to do tomorrow!!!!

Didnt go school yesterday...... haha was not in the mood really. Thank god I'm not the only one!!!! Hate being the only one absent idk why. lol.

Was having a bad day today but awesome night i swear!!!!!!!! It all started when syazwi joined twitter... haha everybody was like welcoming him then all of a sudden this huishi+chair thing popped out then all of us were like spamming twitter and I was laughing like mad i swear LOL. Mad funny omg i love them!!!!!!!!! If they're having a class outing in march..... I will be more sad than missing out ss4 LOL no joke srs :( high chance in mar le lah the jc students only holiday. ohwell.

After that skyped with von!!!!!! Mad funny it was her turn to drown LOLOL sorry if i couldnt hear you!!! :( Talked talked then poozyg joined in!!!!!!! Laughed like mad!!!! Too bad cannot vid i wanna see his hair haha.

Best weekend this year (Y) I hope I can talk more with my babies and sistars!!!!!!!!! Miss all of you sfm hehe muacks!

Its 330 now.... shall watch one more ep of oncall36 then sleep.

Camwhore picz (major unglam and stupid lmao sorry)

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