Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiring tuesday

Just a short update!!!!!!!!
I've decided to name tuesdays "Tiring Tuesday" LOL coz there is like 4 hours of lab in total OMGIKR. Super tiring and its sucha long day :(
But thank god today is a very fun day haha.

I love my classmates alot!!!!!!!!! Mad funny group of people keke ^^ Today really laugh till got abs HAHA. I hope I can be this high/happy everyday :-)

Sofia asked me to go bb concert with her.... hmmmm maybe I will go if the price is not too ex but who am i kidding CONFIRM EX MAN ITS BIGBANG LOL. So I should save up for snsd/ss4(!!!)/beast(!!!)/2pm!!!!!!! OKSET HAHA.

Off to study now if not I'll die of guilt! BBYEOMZ.

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