Sunday, March 11, 2012


Most common question asked: "What do you wanna be when you grow up?"

Psychiatrist? Pharmacist? Biochemist? Criminologist?
What exactly makes me happy?
I don't know..

Was feeling so fucking vexed these days because of the above question.
The jobs that I like are always
>super hard to study
>earn very little
>hard to find job

Don't ask me why I didn't choose anything related to business. I really dont like it. I know I can earn alot of money, stable job, easy to find.... but i want a job that I enjoy. A job that I will look forward to everyday I wake up in the morning, not some job that I dislike but working because of the income.

I need someone's advice. I'm feeling really really lost, vexed angry at myself. If only I'm smarter, my bio is A, I'm good at memorizing, I will definitely become a doctor/psychiatrist. Reality: My bio is a C/D, super bad at memorizing and I cannot handle stress. How to become a doctor? How to have my dream job of all: psychiatrist???
Talked to my brothers via skype just now and I was very very very frustrated at the end that I broke down. Really cannot tank. My brother was like "SO WHAT DO YOU WANT? I CANT GIVE YOU ADVICE, ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANNA BE!!!!!!!! DONT KEEP ASKING ME" and stuffs like that. I swear i nearly jumped out of the window.

And he's like "You're so old now you cant ask me how to spell (a specific school)! gdi you need to use your brain and check yourself" dafug this is damn hurting to me. Gosh I'm going to cry while im typing all this.

Thought that after I skyped with my brother I will have a clearer idea on what I wanna be and my future plan....... guess what I'm feeling more clueless and vexed rn. ha ha ha.

Fuck my life fuck my IQ fuck my dumbness fuck my uselessness fuck everything.

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