Saturday, March 24, 2012

office girls.

Hey there! :-) I bet everyone is like outside with friends or family, watching hunger games while I'm home alone bummer.
Wanted to like start my homework and studying at 1 plus but ended up watching a taiwan drama on tv.......... called office girls!!!!
I was planning to watch like 5 mins but suddenly this hot lead actor somehow glued me to the tv LOL.

He dont look handsome in this picture....... nor the other picture but i swear he's damn attractive in the show! Got mike he feel seh.... *O*

This girl who's like the "villian" inside damn pretty woooo


I'm loading the first ep now because just now likka suay :( The tv one go show 5 eps but its a shorter ver of the original one!!!!!! So now idk where im watching it from so forget it imma start from the front =_____________=


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