Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In around 6-7 days, I have to meet alot of people.
  • My bbz (von, yq, poozyg, ks, kelicia chanel etc)
  • 2/6 gang
  • joc and xinkai
  • wanming and cilinz
  • my 3bbgals, annessa jpmf and vn
I think thats all............... hmmmmm.
Got a feeling I'm still missing people out haha. No joke I really need to create a timetable LOL if not i will so disorganized!!!!! I wanna meet bn too :( ogod so many people to meeeeet sigh.
And my family!!!!!!! My dad so nice say he will come back earlier everyday to bring me eat the food i crave :') Love my daddy man keke.

Ok i admit i getting overexcited there's still 3 weeks to holidays LOL.

And and I promised amos last year that i will watch avengers with him provided he's treating! Yes we chatted yesterday and he didnt forget about it so now I'll be buying plane tix from may 4-6 (weekends) just to watch it with the gang!!!!! I don't wanna break promises ma haha 8)

lol tbh im writing all this is just to remind myself of the things i needa do LOL so its okay if this post gets 0 views HAHA.

OHYAAAAAAAA ME HAVE LIKE AROUND 2 EYECANDIES NOW?! 8) LOL. I think most of you already know one of them coz i showed you guys the pic! ALL EXCEPT VON SAY HOT HAHA. I swear when I see him in school my knees will go weak and my heart will stop!!! Sometimes I will even blush dafug. IS THIS LOVE?!?!?!?! LOL i hope not coz idk his character and he dk my existence...... sigh fml.
And he is seriously very very very handsome and cute and charming! Currently the most handsome 19 year old I've seen irl srs haha.

The other one hm is a korean boi who is attached LOL nvm eyecandy only ~

I still have a pile of homework undone, notes at the side and 2 tests coming up. Yet I'm still loading bbtheory and chatting with friends blogging etc o what iz lyfe.

Cannot slack tomorrow already ah ksy. :(

bye guys love love love all of you <3

P/S: miss wanming/taeming/ yangming/ jiming/ kyuming eventhough i skype with her every week keke

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