Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family days

Howdy guys!!!!! Its been ages since I've blogged! I promise to update everyday this week because its a very eventful week for me teeeeeheeeeeeeeee.

Came back to singapore yesterday! :-) Alot more shops already aiseh haha.
Shall update on what happened on friday-sunday in KL!
My family came to KL on good friday morning!
Went shopping and ate jap buffet at night
Then on saturday, went shopping again weeeeeohweeeeee
Went overtime to drink and snack till 1am++ hahaha
Went back jb on sunday!!!
Sadly dad didnt join us sobs. but its okay~

Pictures randomly placed LOL sorry if there's too many zilian pics HAHA


its 137am now and i'm damn sleepy and tired :'(
Waking up at 7 plus tmr wish me luck lol.
Going KSL and musicband tmr with miongzie!!!!!!!! Eggcited huhu :)

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