Wednesday, April 11, 2012

milky skin

Heylow. I went out with mingzy yesterday! :)
Well-spent day, very well spent day hehe. I mean, Im always having so much fun when I'm with her keke. (• ε •)

her face is going to be the same size as the mic already 凸(¬‿¬)

fav polaroid

WE look diva-ish here (─‿‿─)

instax gals

Saranghaeyo milky skin miongz! ♥‿♥

zilian pwetty milky skin miongz/taeming/kyuming/jiming/yangming/taiming

Ok lastly, because the next time i'm gonna see you is in late June UNLESS YOU VERY NICE COME KL FIND ME, some cheesy pics i found in tumblr for us lmao

You're gonna be in sg for 3 years, I'm gonna be in KL till next year then UK after that.... :'( So yeap i hope the further we get the stronger our friendship will be!

thisthisthis, the least i can do for you. dont cry ok


I love you miongsy!!!!!!! :-)

bbyeomz i will miss you let's skype as much as possible!

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