Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today is a very sad day because its my last day of holiday! :'( Sobs sobs.
So I'm gonna summarize what happened on thurs, fri and sat ಠ◡ಠ
Then after that I have to pack my stuffs and study already :(


Went out with jocelene and xinkai!!!!!! :-)
Its been so long since I've seen them haha.
Went to haji lane but there's not much things to see :(
Walked walked around and went to iluma to watch mirror mirror!
Lame show lol snow white kinda weird looking also..........

Anyway, thanks for the day my beloved two qtpies!!!!!!!!!! ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶
Takecare all the best in your year2 yeobo!
And all the best in your new school joc!! GOT HANDSOME BOYS TELL ME K HAHAHAH.



went out with cilinyeobo!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D
She siao one wear damn high heels LOL. Went kiseki to makan, delicious food 8)
Then went fep to shop! Bought 3 pairs of shoes wheeeeeeeeee! Adding on to my 2 newly bought shoes with mm, i now have 5 pairs of new shoes! Mission accomplished HAHA.

Love her ttm ◕‿◕
Saranghaeyo yeobo!
Goodluck in your korea auditions~

Kinda like my eye makeup teeheez \(^ω^\)



Woke up damn early for speech day!!!!!!!
Went to school with zamieboyz. :)
Glad to see so many of my jckids friends! LOL.
Esp kahseng mengwee and mel!!!
Had a good long chat with ks and mel because we were sitting together during the long talks and stuff HAAH. Poor poozy was between nerds :'(

Then took some pictures bcoz I was really off form that day sigh.
Went gelare with annessa jeslyn and joey after that!
Had so much laughs because they damn qt LOL.
Homed around 4 plus!


I want to thank all my friends who forked out time to go out with me during this week eventhough you are busy ب_ب
I love all of you /hugs
All the best and seeyou guys in june keke ●‿●

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