Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hi guys its currently 2am and I need to wake up at 7 tomorrow.... hmm lol.
My homework is not touched yet :'(
Truth is I was soooooo drained from college today that when I reached home around 7 I ran to my room, throw my bag somewhere and slept likka log till 1130pm. LOL when I woke up I'm like :O :O :O so late already?!?!?!?!

And now I feel sleepy already but oh no I cant sleep!!!! About a month's time to sem1 exam I cant afford to procrastinate anymore >:(

My body clock is totally the opposite from everyone ohman......... but I really study better at night!!!!!!
If only I have no school.... I will totally sleep in the day and study at night whey. haha.

Ok stupid post is stupid I need to do my work already!

Signing off with my 2 qtpies :)

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