Monday, July 2, 2012

holidays part 2.

Okay part 2 is up!!! :D All the pictures will not be uploaded in fb because I'm too lazy lol. 

So went out with beina on thursday to watch sadako in 3D! Was laughing like mad because the storyline is freaking lame and ridiculous but the sound effects etc was okay haha. It was really 3D-ed LOL. Laughed like mad everytime I'm with her really she is still as lame as ever HAHA. 

she laughed like mad when we were trying to use this effect to take the photo because apparently my lips no colour. LOL. 

met up with ming around 3 plus on friday at town!!! Didnt have money to shop so we sat down and chit chat :3 After that met up with von and george for mad for garlic at clarkequay!!!!!! I still prefer the branch at suntec the food there seemed nicer .... 
Sat at the river there and talked camwhore etc and it was really fun :) Went to george's friend pub then hsh at       around 11plus? They keep force me to play gmax SIGH. But still really really like hanging out with them because I can be myself :D:D:D Love you guys~

taken by photographer poo.

p/s: all scenery pictures taken by photographer poo/lee!

Lastly, met up with jpmf on saturday for lunch!!! :D 
Chit chatted alot yay. She's always a great listening ear :) Love you xoxo. 

Sang K with family on sunday!!!!!! So happy because alot new songs yipppeeeeeee. went back to KL on sunday night T________T 

sorry for all these lengthy posts!!!! /bows
And really thanks for reading :) 
May July be a good month for you! 

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