Monday, July 2, 2012

holidays part 1.

Harlow!!! :) I blogged about last tuesday and monday already. Okay so last wednesday went out with george, evonne, yiqian and kelicia to town!!!!!! :) 
Went marche to eat (AGAIN LOL) and then we went cold stone after that! Camwhored there yay. More pictures are at von's cam~ 
Soon kelicia joined us and we went maxwell road to have laoban!!! Nomnomnomnom damn happy okay 8D 
Enjoyable day spent with them :)

Pics taken from my phone.

My 8 years old brother. LOL.


Met up with chanel for dinner last thursday! Satisfied one of my cravings again - Hot tomato!!!! Wooooo happygirl haha. Chatted alot with her :) Great catchup session!!! :D 
No pics taken LOL sorry.

Stayed at home last friday to accompany mom~ and as usual weekends are my family day! :) Love going out with them hehehehez. Caught madagascar 3 with them on saturday and the movie was mehmeh to me eh haha. 

Stayed at home on monday too but went out at night to catch Prometheus with siblings! The movie was gooooooooood :) The guy inside so hot adakjdhka HAHA. 

Went out with qtpie jocelene on tuesday!!! :) Went to try out strictly pancakes and it was good :) Was chilling there for quite some time and we went to shop shop around after that! Then we went to KFC at fep and talked for around 2 hours? :) Felt really happy whenever I'm with her aww~

y u so pretty /stabself


Met up with vkonnonwe on wednesday for dinner!!! :) Went bugis mai maison to eat! The ambiance is really nice and it was my first time trying the squid pasta which is black!!!!!! Turned out so damn good man HAHA. As usual talked about so so so many things with her and also laughed alot LOL. Went to chillax at a yogurt place and oh we nearly got knocked down by a car it was damn scary i swear.... :( 
Very little pics taken but still ENJOY! haha. 

all 3 similar pics taken by von le sigh.


OK part 2 next post~
Thanks for reading :) 

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