Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello guys! Sorry for not updating, was not using comp these days :(
Ok will do up 3 posts today!!!!! one will be on resolutions for a new term and 2 posts will be on my holidays :) Ok leggo.

College is starting tomorrow... :(
Damn sad le sigh. I miss my friendz already.........
But new term is new term. Gonna have some resolutions!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Study harder. Trials next month and it will be used as a forecast results for my UK uni application :( Must aim to get all As!
  • Gym every weekdays (except for the days where there are tests/exams on the next day) and muaythai every thursday :) 
  • Eat healthily. Cut down on carbs. No fried food. 
  • Sleep earlier!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT. 
  • Control my emotions lol
  • Try to be happy everyday :) 
Okay that's all for my newterm resolutions i guess? :D
Haha bbbbbbbbbz

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