Saturday, October 13, 2012



So finally there will be some pics of me in my blog haha! But some of them are already posted in instagram, so yeah sorry i dont really camwhore these days........ dont really dress up etc. :/ 

few weeks ago it was sofia's birthday! Nabz, sofia and I went to rakuzen to nomnom :3 

I look like some hamsap gurl here LOL. Our traditional balloon+cake surprise hehe. 

Then like 2 weeks ago(?) it was my sister's solemnization.... idk why my sissy havent uploaded any pics :( 
I took some of the pics on my phone though! 

Weird bro no 1 is weird. 

Act cute bro no 2 is acting cute.

Modern momsie.

"This is the face I use to dian girls"

Then last week went nabz house for some bbq party!!! It was like some mini class gathering hoho. Played poker, talked and laughed like mad till i lost my voice LOLOL yes that extreme! But only for a night thankgod. After that me and sofia stayed over~~~ 

spot me if you can LOL. 

And went to eat dakgalbi with the girls again last friday!!!!! SO HAPPY HAVE BEEN CRAVING FOR IT MAN HAHA. As usual it was sooooooooo delish! 

kim me and crystal~

demoralized man y kim y u so preetyyyyyyyyy?! 
P/S. idk what am i looking at 

Okay so my finals is in like 3days.. o god /pullshair
I've been studying quite hard this week... like much harder than i studied for my trials(which is like 10%) and for my sem 1(around 60%) LOL. Been waking up like 8-9am everyday then going to college to study till evening. Even I am amazed at myself lol. Hopefully my hard work will be paid off /crossfingers

Been food-hunting with bbgirl kimberleyyyz this week the fats the money @_@ 
But it was damn good, no regrets!

Tuesday-- Plan B.
Lamb meatballs spaghetti.

Thursday-- Fat boy's.
Customized burger.

Going to celebrate halloween with siblings @ USS yay happy!!!!!!!!! First time celebrating halloween man woohoooooo. 

Okay that's all till then! x

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