Friday, October 5, 2012


Hey babies. 
So...... I've said it in my previous post that my last post will be on my sister's solemnization... but sadly I can't post about it yet coz the pictures are with my sis and she havent uploaded it. So yea sorrrryyyyyyyz. 

This post is gonna be a short and usual one. 

I'm taking my SAT tomorrow, which is the america's college entrance exam.. something like O's. 
And I'm so not prepared for it :( 
I've only started to prepare like today lol. And people spend their whole high school preparing for it what even. 
But, I'll just try my very best to score ok!!!!!!! 

Been so busy these days... preparing my university applications... studying like mad for finals... 
so mentally exhausted :( 
Nov 22 faster arrive please :(:( 
Last day of finals + smtownsg on nov23!!!!!!! HAHA. 

I really am determined to do well for my finals these time round, and i will! :) 
Aiming for all A's, pray pray that I can achieve my goal!

Ok this post is getting long.... love you guys for reading it x
Love my friends maximum, esp to those who gave me support and love wherever I'm feeling low and stress!!! /hugs

Usual dose of tumblr!
L *_*

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