Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey wazzup guys! So I went to smtsg which was on 23 nov!!! :) It was a fantastic concert and I was standing in a not-bad place! around 5th row from the main stage and 2nd row from the pathway-to-the-centre-stage stage LOL. It rained when it was around the end and i feel like i was in the shower LOL can't even focus on dbsk's performance :(

I can't really recall every single that happened but all i know was kris sehun baek kai are so good looking irl ;-; and tiffany!!!!!!!!!! super pretty omg. Krystal...... do i even need to say I was staring at her legs and stomach and face EVERYTIME SHE PERFORMS LOL.

Donghae did sexy dancing like body waves lip biting ajdhkahakd infront of me omgggggggg and kai ran infront of us and sorta sexy danced TWO TIMES GAH I CANT HAHA.

Jonghyun was too bloody hot omg his body is like bam wam wam man :O

Sorry for the messy post i can't really put how i feel about this concert into words :3
My tumblr is filled with smtsg gifs and pics so pardon me these few days ok :(

Overall this is the best concert EVER I had alot of fun (excluding the torturous q-ing and waiting and overnighting and squeezing) and I saw all of them real close :) Could have been better if i have miongsy with me :(

A2 lessons start tomorrow sigh :(
Till then guys xxx

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