Wednesday, November 14, 2012


hi guys i know 90% of my blogposts are angry or sad posts but i'm super angry rn coz my internet is being sucha bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot access tumblr, lj, ucas or any university websites!!!!!!!! omfg so pissed off i wanna stab the internet.

I have mood for some HK dramas now like tiger cubs but I FINISHED IT ALREADY :(

So I went back to sg ytd to change my IC add + renew my pr. Just for a night. Stayed alone coz my fam is in aussie rn D: Quite scary idk why haha i need more courage!!!!
So angry at the ICA person for scolding me and renewing my pr for only a year but charging me for 2 years. Fuck you.

Promise a nice chim post once my internet becomes normal again x

P/S. Family still in aussieeeeee sobs
P/P/S. In need to shop and bake and gym-ing

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