Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - summary & recollections

Hi guys. This is gonna be a long messy post with a lot of pictures. You are warned. Decided to do up a summary and also a recollection of pictures of this year! Boring and common i know. 
Please bear with me haha. 

Okay so this year is........ really fast? I'm not kidding. I must say that this year is indeed tough... and at some point I really really feel like giving up. Moving to KL for college is probably the biggest decision this year. At the start I've regretted making this decision, well for reasons. The main reason was I felt super lonely... and college is not what I thought it would be. Thank god I kinda changed my views on it and now I'm liking it :) Not really like but not dwelling on it yeah. 

I've met these awesome bunch of peeps in college and they are the ones that make my days enjoyable. I swear everyday I'm laughing till my stomach hurts! LOL. Lovely people :) Glad that I can graduate with them and go UK to continue our studies together!! 

And around july-sep my life was so horrible. I had to make a life-changing decision on whether to study in the states or UK, and what to study. I was so lost, and everyday I feel like dying. I have no motivation to study for my trials, everything is so screwed.. and i feel super lonely. Am happy that now all is over and I've submitted my application to study finance in UK! Hope that I've made the right choice and wont regret it..

Went to smtownsg too! :) Memorable experience hehe. Went to sjm showcase too and met alot of cool peeeeeeps. Became a stan of exo (kai and kris) too this year LOL haha 

Lastly, I'm very glad that I'm still keeping in touch with my friends in singapore :) I have the best friends, really. Lost quite a number of my friends, but its okay. Learnt to cherish those who are always with me more.   :) 

Now for the recollections! Pictures are totally not in order, just a sum of the more memorable events in 2012.

my dear clique in college love em' to bits <3

my first surprise!! :) on my birthday 24 may 

sister's big day~

went up on stage to get an award :') 


I really hope that 2013 will be good....... 
its the year where I will graduate from college, where I am gonna go overseas to study...
and I'm gonna be 18! :o That means I'm legal to drink and go clubbing already yay :D 

My resolutions every year are basically the same... and I dont follow them sighpielazyass. 
Anyway am still gonna list them out haha 
  • be able to get into the universities I applied to (hopefully durham)
  • lose weight!!!!!!! eat healthily and exercise more 
  • study harder for A2s, stop procrastinating as much as 2012 lolz 
  • cherish all my friends and family, care about them more
  • family and friends to be happy and have the pink of health!
  • have good results for my AS and A2!!!! :( 
  • able to go taiwan with miongzie 

love my niggas and bitches (you know who you are) 
Really thankful to have these friends with me really. People where I can be myself around them, and people who always makes me laugh. I hope that I can still be good friends with you guys till we get old kekeke 
Von Ming George Yiqian Nabilah Kimberley Sofia Didier Jeslyn Annessa Vn Jocelene Cilin Zam 
and of course more!! 

I love all of you xx

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