Tuesday, January 1, 2013

late update

Hi guys! I updated twice today!! Haha since I've uploaded the pictures from last week might as well blog about it yeah? :D 

So...... on christmas eve I stayed at home with my family! nothing much haha. 


Spent christmas with beloved miongz!!!!!! :D We went to marche for late lunch then we walked around and then headed off to timbre! :) Sucha nice place man. We were the first customer and when the both of us talk, time passed like damn fast man. :o We were talking non stop since like 3pm till around 10pm omg! 
Von and yq joined us around 10+!!! There was a live band and its real good :) Ming sent a song dedication but the message SUX OK. LOL. Took the last train and last bus back home!!!!!!! Lovely day spent :) 

me acting all sad and cute and eew LOL

message sent from von!!!


Met up with my two seniors, jocelene and xinkai! :) Went to kr bbq and its sooooo nomnomnomz i cant stop eating LOL. Then we went to bugis for marble slab + CZ12! :) The movie was good but I was too sleepy I fell asleep before the movie starts LOLwhut 
Then homed around 9 plus! :) Great day spent with them hehehe


The initial plan was to meet up with poo and ks in the afternoon for ice cream! But poo overslept and I was feeling super lazy too so we decided to meet around 7 for dinner!!!! :D Ks didnt join us fyi. 
Went to timbre (again), LOL but we went to the arts house one. Better ambiance and scenery! Time passed super quickly too! We talk and talk and talk from 7pm to 12am! Its really nice to catch up with friends over a drink because they will pour out all their secrets MUAHAHAHA LOLjk 

Cabbed home because we missed the last train :( 

Took very little pictures bcoz my face red like apple :( :( idk why sighpie

can u see my rosy cheeks


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