Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hey guys Im finally gna blog about my BKK trip!!!!!!! YAY. 
Tbh, I didnt buy alot of stuffs...... basically bcoz the clothes that i wanted dont have and alot of dresses and skirts that I dont wear..... so yeah kinda sad but its okay i had fun! :D 

DAY 1:

So yeah, me and my family went on friday, 8th feb! We didnt do much on the first day but just walking around siam square, siam paragon etc! Went for a SUPER AWESOME massage at night!!!!!! OH and the food is like the bomb who am i kidding everything is so spicy and tasty T______T 

beautiful shot from the plane! 

strawberry milkshake

DAY 2:

Went to platinum mall!!!!! Shopped :3 Uhm, nothing much just I was so tired from walking around such a huge shopping centre! Once again the food SO GOOD. Went to an ahgua show at night!!!!! So amazed man because so many of them so pretty and skinny!!!!!! :o 

bfore the show

DAY 3: 

Went to chatuchat!!!!!! I LOVE THIS PLACE. Minus the heat la. SERIOUSLY. The stuffs so nice and cheap and cool!!!!!!!! And sadly we only walked about 30% of that place coz it was too darn big. Went back to the same massage parlor at night!!!!!! 

day 2+3 loots! 

DAY 4: 

Last day in bkk :'( Since we had to leave to the airport at 2 plus, all we did was to go and eat, shop like around an hour at platinum mall and we ate at this mango tango place @ siam! 


That kinda concludes my bkk trip. Not much pics taken bcoz of the weather and i was looking real ugly LOL. But overall I had fun! ^^ Loving the food there, the friendly people there, the lengzai lenglui and the culture! :D M U S T G O A G A I N. 

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