Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wonderful day.

Hello!!!! Happy v-day to you~ /givesvirtualroses

I spent this day like any other day, sleeping in, watching shows, cooking with my mom, exercising and doing work! I was watching "wonderful day" and I really wanna share with you guys :) (KPOP)

Its about shinee going on a vacation and all of them went to different places!!!!!! Super cool man seriously. Onew went krabi (OMG), jjong to japan, minho and key to UK and taemin to Switzerland!! Its kinda like a documentary/reality show thingy but I dk why I just feel so happy and carefree after watching it!!!!! LOL. Its just ep 1 btw HAHA. 

After watching it I really wanna travel around man........ looks so fun and nice!!!!! The people, the food the culture, everything!!!! They seemed really happy going on a vacation like this too! Without having to do tasks or games or whatnot. 

This is super random LOL but really, its kinda nice :3 

P/S: Bkk/CNY post up this weekend once I have the pictures!

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