Saturday, February 2, 2013


I've ~kinda~ recovered from my super emonemo days (due to pms lol what else) but sadly i'm down with flu and cough :( My immune system is getting weaker oh gosh the last time i was sick was in december!!!! odg have to start taking vitamins... 

So i spent yesterday and thursday doing nothing but watching suits and sleep. So bad i know. So I tried to study today but the weather is making me soooooo lazy :( First day of period also.... sighpie 

On a side note, Im going bkk next friday!!!!!! ^-^ Super happy okay this is my first time going!!!!!!! I hope i can buy alot alot alot of stuff LOL. 
And i have a week of holidays during cny~~~~ yay yay yay!!!!! Gonna spend some quality time with family and friends :D 

Life is so fragile, no? Heard about so many accidents lately, people dying or what not. So unexpected right? Its like any of my loved ones or me, may die any second! gosh that thought is killing me :( I really hope my family and friends can be safe less than three
Pls cherish the people around you more, talk to them more, care about them more...

also, i find my life.. so boring. So monotoned. When people ask me "what do you during weekends?" it kinda hit me. Im just like "oh i stay at home". I really wish that june 5 can arrive faster im very sick of life in kl tbh 

tumblr time?

P/s: I really really like it when people just randomly talks to you and say "hey how r u i miss you" etc it really makes my day :) It makes me feel... wanted and loved.

till then x

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