Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello!!! :D Decided to update this dead thing since I'm too bored.. 
So........ bet all my close friends are already aware that I'm accepted into my first choice university!!! /throwsconfetti 
Hehe this still seems so unreal that I'm legitly going to a country 13h away from my home to study for 4 years. Looking forward to it yet feeling so uneasy and scared haha. 

My results were soooooo disappointing but so thankful my uni accepted me T_T 
Also thankful for my college friends who tutored me bc I am one dumb pie. :') 

Will be flying off to UK in about a month.... idk what to feel about this? Its gonna be a very busy month.. have to do my visa, settle my accommodation, register my ID, decide on a name bc i dont think angmohs can pronounce shihyuan LOL and also pack etc!!

Gotta meet up with my friends more now since some of them are having their holidays already!!! ^^ Esp mingsy who's going to jap for 6 months :( Gonna miss her alot really sigh 

My life is finally going to have a huge turning point... and I really hope it will be a good turning point, where I become stronger and happier and more mature. 

Idk when I will update but till then!!!!! xx

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