Friday, September 6, 2013

train of thoughts

I really need to stop feeling like this.
I have to be more independent....
But no matter what I always feel so alone, esp at home. Its so cold and just so distant. Is it my problem? I think it is. I dont think anyone can tolerate staying with me. I cant take it either.

I really need to grow the fuck up, Stop crying over small stuffs. Stop overthinking. Stop being so sensitive. Learn to do things alone. Learn to be okay alone.

Just a part of what my brain is thinking rn, the others I just cant seem to put them into words.

on a sidenote, d-19 to uk. idk what to feel about this.........
excited + scared? Since nobody I know is going to my uni and I'm going there alone.
Ohwell, have nobody to depend on but myself :/

Going to KL tomorrow for a week for MTV world stage(yay exo yay), to dye+rebond+cut my hair, to bring some of my stuffs back and also most importantly to meet up with my friends ^_^ So happy that I still have this bunch of friends who are so sincere and real :) and so happy that most of them are going to uk to study too!!!

I think I should blog more often.


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