Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hi this girl should be honored. LOL.

Helloooooo decided to make a 2nd post today coz there is so much going on right now and I feel lost. Shall write a brief summary of my life (LOL).

Firstly, I'm leaving in about 2 weeks!!! Its damn fast sia I feel so unprepared and lost!!!! :( I need to meet up with soooo many people yet I dont have enough time sobs sobs. Okay list of people I need to meet before I leave (TAKE NOTE PEOPLE AND MAKE APPOINTMENT WITH ME THANKS HAHA)

-Jeslyn Poh Min Fang LOL
-Zam and jc!
-My qtpies: Yiqian von kelicia chanel ks sj george
-Annessa and vn!
-Sharon, preethee, amos, yj etc!!!!!!! ^^ (meeting on fri!)
-Xinkai! (meeting on thurs hoho)

Did i missed out anyone?!!? If there is please tell me you miss me or something ok so I can add you on this list LOLJK.

Secondly, I still had a ton of things to buy but me is too lazy and busy sigh. Like many neccesaties etc all havent buy!!!!!!! :( Grrrrrr angry die me can I have more time.

Thirdly, me is free on tuesday but everyone seems to be busy.... :( I can't waste a day at home rotting nono!!!!!!!!

Fourthly, I am going USS tomorrow with shinler, mingsy and adam!!!!! Abit eggcited yet scared leh haha. I really no ballz sit rides sia no joke omg hope I dont die tomorrow LOL.

Also, I'm planning to redye my hair and rebond on the first week of jan before I leave hehehehez. And its been ages since I've sing k, dabinlou and watch movies babies r u free :(

People whose names are up there please meet me soon I will leave with regretz if I dont get to see you!!!!!!!!! :(

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