Friday, January 6, 2012


Hellooooo. Sorry long time no post haha.
Had a great time today, eating dinner with kelicia, chanel, sj, ks, von and yiqian :) Damn she bu de them omg, when I see them crying I wanted to just hug them and don't let go :( Love them alot and omg i need to talk to them everyday LOLJK, okay every week to catch up on each other's lives! OKAY BABIES WE CAN DO IT :D

Okay then met up with two bimbos, annessa and vn. I swear I laughed like mad!!!!!!! Love gossiping and hearing them rant LOL idk why. They force me go OC tmr..... so yeah i'm going tmr lolsian no fwens of mine going like that ): HAHAHAJK LAH. Then chitchat with them till 8 plus then went home!

Things are 3/4 done... just some things haven't pack only. Shoes, bags etc. Will wake up at 8 tomorrow to pack them! :)

I'm leaving tomorrow night....... omg should i just run away from home tmr LOLOL idk man. Like everything happened too quick and I'm so freaking sad I can't join in outings, go get my results, cant go campfire etc :( I reallyyy realllyyyyyyyy bu she de leh :( I think I will cry when my family goes back on sunday and the feeling when I'm bidding farewell to them instead of joining them.... omg. Ok lah actually I am just exaggerating it is just KL. LOL. But still ah gonna miss here alot!!!!!!!! T______T

So yeah gonna sleep nao waking up early tomorrow!!!! So long peeeeeeeeeeps!

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