Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Please just remember even if I'm not there with you, I will love you forever and always."
I hope you're doing fine, ol' friend.
Tbh...... I miss you.
But people come and go... I understand.......


Nope, I won't cry nor will I talk to you again. I can feel you. If I'm you I will do the same to you too. But bare in mind, all of us have flaws, not only me. I admit that sometimes I'm really angry/disappointed/pissed at you...... I hope you won't get angry when I say this. I guess its the right choice to "break up" now?

I hope that you can have a fruitful life ahead, work hard for your future, get a good boyf, be strong when it gets difficult for you and remember that you are not alone in this world; don't keep everything to yourself everytime it's not good for your body. Be more confident of yourself, you're really beautiful :)



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