Sunday, January 29, 2012

S T R E S S !!!!!!

This is exactly how I'm feeling now at 1230am. I wish I can do a gif of galy doing stress but... noobie me dk how. LOL.

I'm currently having alot of problems with my school work because I missed two days of lessons :( My math is still manageable, because its all amath. But chem and bio....... I see my bio homework I'm like whut is this shit O______O Ottoeke......
I'm so scared I could not catch up with my work and I'll be last in the class!!!!! D': /panicmode omg nuuuuuuu please ;__________;

I have 2 bio assignments to do but before that I need to self-study two chapters argh. TWO FRIGGING CHAPTERS O M G CRY. Need to self study chemistry too.... :'(

Guess I will have to work 12019201201x harder than the rest of my classmates in order to be on par with them! :( I hope I won't blog that I'm going to die next week lololz.

I need to put in more effort for A's this time round!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( My target is..... all A's hopefully? :( (fyi i take 3 subj only LOL) kinda regret not taking psychology but.... hopefully I can study that in uni? hehe.

Okay time to be a hardworking student and finish all my homework so I can watch dramas tomorrow huhu n_n

Till then!

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